The Fruit Monkey Trap

Ever heard of the tree-fruit Monkey Trap? Perhaps you might be starting to imagine how this might work, why anyone would want to catch a Monkey in a trap, and most importantly, you may be wondering “I get the monkey, and the trap and fruit and all that but, where is he going with this line of thought and what has it got to do with anything?

Or perhaps you’re wondering where all this is going and, you’re already making assumptions about what this is in relation to. Well, It might interest you to know there are variations of the fruit Monkey trap depending on what part of the continent you visit.

The one I had in mind is a really interesting one and it originates from South America. A hunter would bore a hole in a tree just about wide enough for a mammal to stick it’s hand in and then the hunter stick a piece of fruit in the hole he’d just bored in the tree.

The unsuspecting animal is then unwittingly lured to the trap, when it tries to retrieve the fruit inside the tree before any other monkey reaches it, it gets its hand stuck in the progress. I can forgive you for wondering how, if the hand was able to fit in the first place, could the animal not pull it away from inside the hole made by the hunter in the tree trunk.

There are 2 thought processes here, the first being the motive, the second being the Monkey’s inability to let go. In the next article I would be examining the following: 1. What is fuelling the Primate’s thought process, bearing in mind they are our closet living relatives; 2. is there a connection between greed and hunger and 3. What is the connection if any and is there a lesson here?